Sunday, December 16, 2007

In Which I Am Just Like Giada

Perhaps some of you are familiar with Giada from the Food Network- the super hot Italian lady. Well, I am just like her as evidenced by the following: We both have brown hair. We both like pasta. We both have boobs. (Hers are much grander, but let's not split hairs here). More importantly, we both cook. I don't have a fancy television show all my own (yet), but I do have an amazing recipe for you, kids. It is:

Beanie Weenie For Grownups
1 box Zatarain's New Orleans Style Dirty Rice mix
4 hot dogs

Cook the rice just like how it says on the box. Cut the hot dogs into bite-sized morsels. Add them to the rice as it's cooking so the hot dogs will be hot. Then you eat it. The end.

It's REALLY good. And that, my friends, is the main and possibly only difference between Giada and me- I don't complicate the dinner world.

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