Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remember When I Said I Was Going to Play in the Dirt?

Morning, kids! Look what we have here- Paperwhite kits for sale!

What's available: Little kits (one bulb per pot) $10

Larger kits (3 bulbs per pot) $20

What you get: Clear, very simple instructions and a cluster of lovely, fragrant little flowers about 5 weeks after you start watering them.

Bonus: They come securely packaged in a 6" square box with ribbon and a name tag. One less gift to buy and wrap!

To order: Just shoot us an e-mail (brokenbarn@gmail.com) and tell me how many/ what size. We accept Paypal, USPS money orders, cold hard cash and/ or heavy labor in trade.

They're a great gift for gardeners, but I think anyone can appreciate flowers blooming in the house in the dead of winter! If you click on the "paperwhites" tag at the end of this post, you'll see a picture of mine in bloom.

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