Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tree Shopping the Less Festive Way

Mornin' kids! As you can see, we put our tree up this past weekend. Lemme tell you, we found the best place to get a tree. Now, I know most people like a very traditional tree shopping experience.

That's just not our bag, so we headed on over to an independently- owned gas station that will go unnamed here for obvious reasons. My mister has lived in this area much longer than I have and has never so much as gotten gas at this shop- it's that scary looking! I, on the other hand, love to get gas there. The owner and crew are all grizzled- looking, the place is filthy and the pumps look like EnCon's worst nightmare. But it's full serve, and they are old-fangled and always call me "ma'am". What's not to love? Plus their prices are good. And wonder of all wonders, they sell Christmas trees!

So we pick one out and go in to pay. There's no one in there except a bearded fat lady at the desk. Yeah, you read that right. She looked a lot like Jabba but she was nice, if a little inbred. I asked her if they had mistletoe. She kinda glazed over as she thought, then finally said, "No, we don't has mistletoes." You read that part right too. We had to hightail it outta there as soon as the transaction was complete so as not to fall into some sort of Twilight Zone. Getting the tree tied onto the car was not full-serve since Joe wasn't around. Good thing my mister is handy with rope. No tax, either. She might not have known how to work the register.

Addendum: When I was deciding whether or not to use the shop's real name for this post, I googled it. The first thing that popped up was an EnCon article about their code violations. Whodda guessed it? Me, that's who. I'm still gonna buy gas there.
PS: Isn't that tree hella beautiful?!

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sid said...

I see you and the mister are just about as crazed as one to the other. But, never mind me, this is a good thing so you see.Us southern folks loves to see loony tunes peoples happy,kinda like the mam,and me.