Sunday, January 6, 2008

African Cichlids

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2 Pundamilia Nyererei Lake Victoria Cichlids

I have two large specimens that I have raised since they were small. Fish number one is about three inches in length and fish number two is probably more than four and a half. I took the attached pictures just a few days ago. This link gives more information about this kind of fish:

They're fast, active, and aggressive, and the larger one bullies the smaller one, so I don't mind splitting them up, but I'd really like to get rid of both. It's taken a while, but their growth has finally hindered their ability to coexist in my 30 gallon tank. They're very pretty and athletic, and have a wide range of coloration, depending on their mood.

I am in the process of reverting to a community-style tank and would like to get back into growing live plants, and so it's time to say goodbye to my old friends the Nyererei... or whatever the plural of that is!

I'll need plenty of warning, and to know that you really want these fish, because catching them is going to be a real task! I'd also like to know they're going to a good (larger than mine) home. I don't know what these fish are worth, so make an offer, I'm open to anything, including free.

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Sid said...

Mind you,this is just an idea,but,get you a string and a safety pin,make a hook and catch them. Once you have them, cook them for your mister,with a salad !! Now this is not as big as a turkey sanwich,but it will do !!!