Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Feather In Barn E's Cap

K, so this is Barn E. Quat, the rightful owner of this estate + Barn. He is not mine though he is most cordial to me. He is very much my mister's comrade in arms. Those two are thick as thieves, so naturally I had to play the villain and take Barn E for his annual. His old vet used to come right to the house, so to the best of our knowledge, Barn E's never been in a cat carrier, much less a car. Let me just say: chillest cat EVER. He did great in the car and enjoyed the classical music station (as usual). Did great with the staff- props to my mister for all the attention he gives Barn E, cuz that makes him easy to work with. And he did great on the way home, this time listening to show tunes in celebration. Most importantly, we were able to verify that Barn E is "highly likely" a Genetically Modified Super Cat! We knew it all along. So mister (who will read this from work), Barn's got a clean bill of health and handled the whole thing like the super chill trooper he is :)
PS: He IS still fat! I knew it!
PSS: New contest for those of you who read the fine print and don't just look at the pix: Guess Barn E's weight and win a prize!!! Just leave your guess in comments. Bugger off if you have ever met Barn E.
PSS: The vet had a sneezing fit during the exam. He's new and a foreigner (from Minnesota). I looked at him dead serious and asked, "Are you allergic to cats?" He said no. I actually had to tell him I was kidding.


Anonymous said...

Barnie is sooo cute- can he be the ring bearer in my wedding like mr. jenks in meet the parents???? I hope you are feeling better.

Love mo

mo said...

Barnie is sooo cute- maybe he can be our ringbearer- hope you are feeling better.
love mo

mo said...

ok- let me try this again, now that I have a GOOGLE account- Barnie is so cute- could he be the ring bearer in our wedding? Hope u are feeling better.
love mO

Sid said...

Ok- let me see now. Looking at the size of his head,and the size of his paws,I would guess about 18 or 19 pounds, give or take an ounce.He is a proud cat in deed,kinda looks like my uncle albert !!!!

Breadthink1 said...

14.3333 pound cat.

BammerKT said...

The Chief guesses 17 lbs and I guess 15. Can we both guess? Tell me we can :|

bisco said...

Barn E.looks about the same size as my young Maine coon mix,Norton--about 12&a 1/2 lbs---a very fine qat