Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crap, That Was Fast!

We have a winner, kids!
BammerKT said...
The Chief guesses 17 lbs and I guess 15. Can we both guess? Tell me we can :
Barn E weighs a whopping 17 lbs (sorry, Chief. Bam gets the prize. You get nada). Mind you, he's been on a diet since September! The vet says he should be between 15-16 sleek, killing machine lbs.
Important Helpful Hint: If your cat is overweight, you gotta bring their weight down very gradually, otherwise they can go into kidney failure. If you're not sure how to achieve that, talk to your vet- don't kill yer kitty!
Another Helpful Hint: Barn E's success to date is due to Eagle Pack Super Premium Indoor Multi-Cat Formula. Yeah, that's a product endorsement. No, I''m not getting paid to say it. This food is way better than IAMS and Science Diet. Barn's coat is unbelievably glossy and soft, especially for this time of year, and he poops less than he did when he was on Purina One.
Here's the link if you're interested (dog food too):

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