Friday, January 4, 2008

Now Just Stop It, Weasels/ Mystery Sweatshirt Contest Still Open

I thought I was pretttttttttttty clear that people who know me aren't eligible for the Mystery Sweatshirt Contest. So no to the following people: NO, my sister-in-law who is jonesing for my Mystery Hair Removal Formula (and yes, kids, I am as smooth as a baby's bottom. And no, I won't tell you where. Or give you the recipe). And NO to my nephew-in-law who definitely HAS seen me in the Mystery Sweatshirt and would like a turkey sandwich from That Pub. And NO to Sid the Mystery Commentator whom we are pretty sure is married to my mister's mom but did, at least, not have the kahunas to request a specific prize.

So. The Contest is still open. The answer is not that hard (all of the above weasels guessed correctly), and I think even if you're not American, you can still guess it.

I hereby throw down the gauntlet to all of you who've hit on our site. You know who you are and so do we:

United States
641 (70.36%)
145 (15.92%)
United Kingdom
89 (9.77%)
17 (1.87%)
10 (1.10%)
3 (0.33%)
1 (0.11%)
1 (0.11%)
1 (0.11%)
1 (0.11%)
Costa Rica
1 (0.11%)
1 (0.11%)
(Okay, we don't know where the "Unknown" hits are coming from, but we do know you're out there).

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