Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have a cold and I'm blowing snot all over the place today (but NOT on the pies). So today I get the color orange in several forms, Cream of Wheat with tons of sugar on toast, Turkish coffee with anisette sugar and Italian soda.
And I get to whine. As much as I want. Starting now: I want more Kleenex. I already know I'm gonna run out and it's only 2F out. TWO. And I can't breathe through my nose. And I have a headache. I'm gonna drink later, even though it'll dry me out more. I know I'm being a baby and I don't care. More whining to come... (and maybe a contest!).
PS: It's less than 2F with the wind chill. Less.
PSS: My mister takes exquisite care of me but he can't today because he's out there working in the fake world. Why? Why??!

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Sid said...

Quit whining and get you some good hot tea, with limon,and a half botle of JACK,will do just fine.when your mister gets home ,he can carry you, to bed,and tuck you in for the night, Gooood luck !!!!