Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh So Cute

Or are they? The woodchuck crossed the great divide today. There's a stream between the main yard here and the barn area. I knew a woodchuck was active over there, but this is the first time I've seen one right IN the yard and I'm none too happy. I've read countless stories about the hell they can visit upon gardens. He'd better watch his step. Or else...[illegal measures deleted here].

Oh, and see here: "Woodchuck, also known as groundhog, should be handled in accordance with the general rules for game in the field. The blood should be drained, and the entrails removed and the body cavity wiped clean. When hung for 48 hours, they are ready to the skinned and cooked.

Woodchuck meat is dark, but mild flavored and tender. It does not require soaking; however, many people like to soak it overnight in salt water. If the woodchuck is caught just before he begins his winter sleep, there is an insulating fat layer under the skin. Remove excess fat. remove 7 to 9 "kernels" (scent glands) in the small of the back and under the forearms. Parboil the meat of older animals; cook by recipes calling for chicken or rabbit." Recipes here.



Anonymous said...

This 'story' concerns me. We went very quickly from the woodchuck being cute, to describing how to cook it and what the meat tastes like. Is the little cutie still alive or did we write that story as we were cooking him ? Huh ? Huh ?

Broken Barn Industries said...

He hasn't crossed the great divide (that I know of) since then, so for now, he is safe. Unless the fox gets him.

Anonymous said...

Poor little woodchuck. Like you say, he's safe unless the fox gets him, hmm, unless YOU get the fox first !!!