Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Greyhound

This boy attended and was feeling well in spite of a recent surgery as you can see from the shave job. I love the hounds and would have one except that we don't have a fenced yard.

Here are some ugly facts: In 2000, an estimated 19,000 greyhounds were killed.* This includes 7,600 greyhound puppies who were farm culls, and another 11,400 "retirees" who were not rescued. Other greyhounds are either sold to research labs, returned to breeding facilities to serve as breeding stock, or sent to foreign racetracks, sometimes in developing countries with appalling track conditions.

More facts here:

Please do not bet on dog races. And please do adopt the retirees. They're beautiful, sweet, low maintenance, incredibly grateful dogs. *Steps down from soapbox* Thanks!

PS: I don't belong to PETA, I eat meat and even wear fur, but this shit is just really wrong.

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