Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Doubt My Guy's A Member

Okay, the chimney's swept. But it took five phone calls from this guy between setting the appointment and finding the house. Here was our last exchange after he swept:

Me: How much do I owe you?
Him (hollering- I guess chimney sweeping makes you deaf): How much did I charge ya last year?
Me: $35. Your card says, "Home of the $35 chimney sweep."
Him (still hollering): Well, I charge $5 more now!

I should have charged him $5 for needing my Google maps to get here- three times. That went something like this:

Him: I should turn left here, right?
Me: Well, where ARE you?
Him: Wrong road name.
Me: Yes, turn left.

Next phone call:

Him: The house numbers are going up, not down!
Me: Where are you?
Him: Different road name.
Me: That's not where you told me you were...
His wife in background: You did it wrong.*

Oh, and another $5 for using my wood stove shovel since he'd left his in his truck, which is in the shop. Ditto garbage bags. At least there wasn't a dead hawk in there this year.

*I bet he gets that a lot.

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