Monday, September 21, 2009

Is sammy from YouTube?

In response to this outburst regarding He Who Shall Remain Nameless, Destroyer of Vegetables and Other Tasty Things, The Oracle of Spring and Overlord of the Dig, Uncapitalized sammy writes, "Really? The Devil?? I mean, come on. How stupid are you that you even have to ask that question??"

A very puzzling comment indeed.
From this, we can deduce that
1) sammy doesn't garden.
2) sammy actually believes in The Devil, and has firsthand knowledge of The Devil's innate ungroundhoglike traits.
3) or perhaps sammy does not believe groundhogs have savable souls, and therefore can not be evil. In which case, sammy is probably not vegetarian.
4) sammy misses out on a lot of nuance, double meaning, and sarcasm, because sammy is a literalist. This leads us to believe that sammy is possibly a fundamentalist in other areas of his or her life. Also, sammy probably doesn't get a lot of jokes, but fakes it well enough at parties. sammy is educated, but unschooled in lateral thinking, and distrustful of intellectuals.

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