Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Right Reverend Gives Car Advice

The Right Reverend responds to a man who has just purchased a car without a turbocharger.

What the hell do ya need a turbo for??????? You bean brain. You need a ride in my Lotus. I'm 60 yrs old and I never get tired of 12 lbs. of boost from the turbo. The feel of your head getting thrown back against the headrest, blowing past some Ferrari shitbox, flipping off a trooper... downshifting to 4th at 90mph and losing that skinhead cop. And that was yesterday, on my way to church.

Some matching springs and Koni's would take care of that mushy problem. Thicker swaybars will also help. That Supra got an innercooler??? another 10 to 20 hp. Turbos can be rebuilt using ceramic bearings, they'will last forever.....til ya blow the engine apart.

Then ya drop a Chev. 350 into that sucker. Now your up to 10 grand above the value of the car.......but who cares. You can brag to all your carfag friends about all the fun ya had with it. Who needs a tubo????? Man, don't deny your last chance for some fun.

At the wake........."Yeah, he was a great guy...... But he never had a turbo. Poor fucker"

The Right Reverend has spoken.

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