Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kinda Blue


We've had this hydrangea for four years now.  The tag said it'd be blue.  If you know anything about hydrangeas, you know they won't BE blue, regardless of their potential, unless they're in a certain kind of soil (acidic??- I can't remember).  Iron is supposed to help so every time we find a rusty nail or horseshoe, we shove it in the soil around this plant.  This year, it looks like it's finally starting to work- cool!  

It looks pretty healthy and happy but the truth is that it's getting a bit too much sun in that spot and often begs me for water.  The Angry Gardener is really not about babying shit.  Since this is an awfully nice plant, I spare it a drop or two sometimes, but I resent it.  I mean, it's been monsoon-like this season and yet if we get two sunny days in a row, this one pouts.

Solution plan:  Late this summer/ early fall, we're going for the big dig.  It's getting moved to a better spot under the big pines.  I hear all those pine needles are just what it needs to turn true blue.  We shall see.

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