Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Appliances are ugly so I have decided to start a new decorating trend. I will be putting floral swags on all of them and I think you should too.  Okay, not really.  Remember how I said I had a bunch of flowers left over in my buckets?  Well, BNG said I should bouquet bomb a nursing home- brilliant!  

I called Cottage Gardener and told her I needed an accomplice, so she donned her ninja suit and came right over.  We put together around seven individual bouquets plus one giant one for a common area.  Now lest you begin to think that The Angry Gardener is in reality a big mush, lemme just tell you.  

I don't dig nursing homes or old people.  I am not about visiting strangers either so we just took the flowers into the reception area and dropped them off.  The receptionist wanted our names and addresses so we could be sent thank you notes.  I thought about it for .003 seconds and then said, "No.  This is Anonymous."  (I don't think she understood the double entendre.  Hell, I barely do.)  And then we were outta there.

PS:  I bouquet bombed CG during the course of this mission.  She got a really kick ass bouquet with hydrangea and lavender.


BNG said...

Nicely done!! (Ya big mush lol.) I want a bouquet too wahwah ~ but alas I live in nether regions. Perhaps AG can send me some seeds instead. :)

Broken Barn Industries said...

Ah, perhaps I can!