Sunday, July 10, 2011

Waiting to Mow

Not my mower, this is something Russian.
Mow the lawn today, good idea.  Oh wait, first I should get my phone so I can listen to stories while I mow.  (Time traveler pro-tip: Something kids today don't understand that kids in our day wouldn't have understood.)

Oh, I need new episodes, oh crap a bunch of old ones are on the phone, I'll just quick sync to iTunes so I can see which ones I've listened to, oh god, twenty minute backup, hmm might as well download these app updates too, oh look a horror podcast, that will get me through a whole mow.  Click click click.

Yay downloads finally done, sync again to push new podcasts to device, oh crap what are these warnings, new app updates not compatible with old phone operating system, /pathetic rage face/, but the new iOS will slow my old phone, Googling latest update, no it looks like they might have fixed it, okay, let's go ahead and install it, I need time to finish this blog entry anyway.

This is progress?  My lawn still ain't mowed!  Twenty three more minutes? Oh well, I guess I'll look at pictures of funny cats on the internet.  I miss being in control of my own media.  I used to drag and drop my stuff back and forth, and that was it.  I never asked anyone to take the file system away.

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Sid said...

I mow your lawn to the dirt, once mowed and it's done !!!!!