Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Celebrity Post

Once upon a time, I met Reggie Jackson. He was scouting at a minor league game. Now I am a member of The Nation, but it was still kinda neat. Till I asked him to autograph my grocery list. He got all pissy and said it wouldn't be "worth anything." I wish I had thought to say, "Oh, like you?" Har har, Reggie. You smell. And go Sox! Do you kids have any celebrity sightings to share? I wanna know. If you don't share, I'm gonna keep sharing mine and they're ALL as boring as this one!
For the record, he did sign my list and I gave it away to Charlie, my daughter's friend. I had to- it smelled. Here's a pic of old skool Reggie.

1 comment:

Sid said...

IF YOU HAD BEEN SELLING AN ANTIQUE CAR,he might have been more attentive to you,he buy's and sells them as much as you change you underware, he sucks,to much moneyyyyyyy