Saturday, January 26, 2008

Coloring Is Good

The mister and I printed up some giant mandalas and then colored them- the one hanging on the door was done in good old-fangled Crayolas, the one in progress on the floor was done with Windsor & Newton watercolors. The coolest part was getting up the next morning. The one on the door looked like stained glass with the sun shining through it. The one on the floor turned out to be our favorite and hangs here in the office just to my right.
We've both been under the mistaken impression that we did these in the dead of winter last year. Turns out we did them in late May and early June over a series of weekends. I guess that makes sense- maybe the creative juices start flowing along with sap. Dunno, but it was fun and hopefully we'll come up with another joint project to get us through this winter. WHICH I'M HATING. Oh sorry. Did I yell? I yelled. I'm trying to be a good sport. Honest.

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