Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Not A Vegan.

I don't belong to PETA or even Greenpeace. But I do like dogs. A lot. My mister says I can have a dog. So I'm thinking about getting a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They're wicked cute and seem like a good fit for us. I've been doing my research.
Now, I KNOW not to buy from a pet store. I've heard about how their puppies come from puppy mills. I know puppy mills are bad.
BUT. I happened across a Corgi pup at the pet store at my local mall. By accident- I swear. I am not going to buy her, not because I can't afford her, but because I don't want to do anything that contributes to such a shitty industry.
Again, I am not an animal-crazed activist, but when I see something that's wrong I want to fix it if I can. I saw BAD things at that pet store. I want them to stop it.
The other thing I wanna do is tell everyone what I learned today, but I learned so much and I don't wanna be boring and preachy. I also realize that a lot of you probably already know about puppy mills and don't shop at pet stores because of it.
So. If you don't know and you're brave and you want some info, click here:

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