Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sorry kids, it's not a contest (haven't come up with a new one yet). But look at the email I just got:
Dear [My real name]:
Thank you for relaying your concerns regarding the Welsh corgi puppy that may have an upper respiratory infection. By copy of this e-mail I am requesting that the animal health inspector responsible for [my] County perform a special inspection of the [Really Bad Pet Store] in [Irresponsible] Mall to check the health of the animals, particularly the Welsh corgi puppy.
[This person's real name]
Program Manager Pet Dealer Licensing Division of Animal Industry
NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets*
So YAY! That's Round 1, but I still have a lot more to do to put a complete stop to them selling mill puppies. A journey of 1,000 steps and whatnot, ya know...
*(brackets and bolding mine)

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