Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Furnace Fixer Guy Was Just Here...

... and I really wish I could think of an excuse to snap his pic. He's older and gruffled and felt compelled to tell me all about his shit farm. Not "shitty" farm. Shit farm. Apparently he sells cow manure to organic gardeners. Says, "Yep. Sometimes you'll see me out there on my tractor, turning it. It's gotta be turned every six weeks." We're down Route __, just past the Dinosaur. (The dinosaur is a metal sculpture in someone's yard, a bit of a local landmark around here, not unlike the Barn and the Turtle Pond.)
Actually, the directions to the farm were even more specific than that. Was he implying that I might have a burning desire to see live shit turning?? He'll be back this afternoon. I'll see if I can pry even more info out of him. Or poo. Hmmm... free poo. For my flowers.... Maybe I''m more intrigued than I'm letting on, eh?

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Sid said...

Maybe you shoulda told him, about Mike Rowe, and dirty jobs,Discovery Channel