Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Watched This Last Night.

"Marjoe Gortner was the first Evangelical preacher to blow the whistle on his profession. In his documentary film, Marjoe, made in the late sixties, he revealed age-old tricks of the trade and exposed some of the entertainment aspects of the popular movement that have made it big business." (from here). He later became an actor, most notably as Vince Karlotti on "Falcon Crest" in the eighties.

A Marjoe quote: "When I was traveling (as a minister), I'd see someone who wanted to get saved in one of my meetings, and he was so open and bubbly in his desire to get the Holy Ghost. It was wonderful and very fresh, but four years later I'd return and that person might be a hard-nosed intolerant Christian because he had Christ."


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if you get a chance, check out Jesus Camp. creeeeeepy.