Monday, May 23, 2011

Bleeding Heart with Spider plant and Treadmill

This year the bleeding heart is big enough that I could cut a whole bouquet without decimating the plant. They are thirsty suckers- I've had to add at least 2 inches of water to them every day!

Random thoughts: It's Monday. There's some housework needs doing, but not much, and some phone calls to make. Then I want to bumblebee around the yard and do things like take pictures, move the liatris over to the butterfly garden, shovel some well muck, plant some annual seeds, check on our other seedlings and who knows what else.

Yesterday we took a tour and discovered self- sown painter's palette in the woods- yay! We'll probably move them closer to the woods edge with the ferns so the foliage takes on more color. The shade is a bit too deep in there for them to really shine plus they're lovely and we'll see them more often that way.

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