Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Forget-me-nots are a self- seeding annual that bloom most of May creating blue drifts in unexpected spots in the yard and garden. My mother started with one little 4" pot of them and ended up with a huge patch. Another older lady, Molly, told me that if you want more of them, just yank the entire plant out after it's gone to seed and shake it like a salt shaker wherever you hope for them to grow. I did, and look at them all now!

They're easily weeded out if they turn up in places where you don't want them. They are not, in my opinion, "the herpes of the garden"- I really did hear them referred to that way by some killjoy. As for the mug, I use it when they're in bloom. I like my dishes to match what's happening out there.

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