Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Week's Thursday Trophy Goes to...

I'ma tell you what.  I like comments, that's what.  I go to other people's blogs and at the end of their posts, it says shit like "436 comments," followed by, "Would you like to add a comment?"  Well, no, I would not.  Who will even see it at that point?  

I don't want that many comments, but SOME would be nice, lurkers.  I know you're here.  Fess up.  If you fess up and comment now and again, you might win one of these:

Snazzy, innit?  I mean, I know it's just a picture of a trophy and not the real thing, but still.  Who doesn't like to WIN?  

And today's winner is... (drumroll please)...  The Engineer!  Congrats!  Feel free to leave your speech in the comments section.  Thank you.

PS:  You guys aren't gonna let him win it every week, are you?


Ink said...

Yay, the engineer!

the axis of weevil said...

the engineer is now hostage
trophy will be melted to fund uprising
barn razing will be avenged

-karen. said...

I'm not goin' down like that....The Engineer better watch out.

Broken Barn Industries said...

That's the spirit! Careful though. He might hit you with a haiku.

-karen. said...

There are none better
At haikus than me, AND WHAT?!
The engineer sucks.

(just kidding, I'm sure he's a very nice fellow)