Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Angry Gardener is Seriously Pissed

You know what pisses me off?  Poor customer service.  Today's time-wasting shit-sucking store of the day is Target.  Now, I hate Target and always have.  The color combo in their stores makes me feel as if I've been visually assaulted.  Unfortunately, we are in possession of $150 in Target gift cards.  I don't want to step foot into their store, so I opted to shop online.  Still a pain in the ass, but at least I don't have to go IN there.

So.  Got my shit all picked out, proceed to checkout.  Enter 4 of the giftcards.  Then it won't let me enter the rest (they're worth $25 each).  And it's giving me an error message saying I MUST enter a credit card.  Fine.  Done.  Now it STILL won't let me enter the rest of my damned gift cards.  Call customer service.  Get disconnected four times.  FOUR in the process of navigating their phone directory.  Their transfer failures, not mine.

I finally got someone.  She told me that you can't enter more than four gift cards per online order.  It does not say that ANYWHERE on their order form.  There's no error message for that, nothing.  When I asked her to let me speak to a supervisor, she put me on hold for like five minutes.  And then I got disconnected.  Again.

Time to google.  Ahhh, this is better.  Now I've got the CEO's phone number.  I called.  His receptionist took down my name and number.  Then I asked if he was really going to call me back.  She said something like, "It depends.  Would you like to tell me what this call is in reference to?"  I asked, "Does he routinely return phone calls?"  She says, "Not usually."  Oh REALLY.

I told her what my call was in reference to.  She said someone will call me back to address my concerns.  My number is probably in her wastebasket right now.  I am not finished. 

PS:  It's now almost 5 pm.  No one has called me back (as promised).  I just called the CEO's office and left another message.  All of the above went down before noon today. 

PSS:  I just called customer service again.  Got put on hold.  Music... music... music... disconnected.

PSSS:  Nowhere in their mission statement does it mention customer service, shitty or otherwise.  And now you know why I hardly posted anything today.  I was busy taking on a giant.  

PSSSS:  (I'll stop after this one, I swear!)  It would be awesome if all of you would forward this post all over the place or thumbs up it or facebook it or whatever.  Help me call them out on their shit, kthx!

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