Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Seriously Pissed,

It wasn't easy, but we got our satisfaction. You see, those gift cards came from miles, and so we have a secondary customer service department to call.  The nice credit card lady voided the remaining gift cards and credited the miles back to the account, which we used to purchase cards from a store that the Angry Gardener doesn't get as angry about.  So it all worked out.  But not for Target.

I even tried to use the cards to pay for another single higher denomination card.  Which would work if you don't mind waiting a week or so for delivery.  E-Cards are available, which are sent via e-mail, but guess what you cannot use an E-Card for?  Riiight, it's not eligible for any "free shipping" or other special deals.

Basically, Target does not want to do business online.  Their online shopping experience is designed to get you into the store.  And their store is designed to keep you there.  The credit card rep told me she was really glad that I had called, because she was going to redeem her miles for credit at Target for shopping online.  But now she won't be doing that.  She checked her whole web site for terms and conditions about gift cards and they had nothing about a 4 card limit.  For the record, Target does have this in their web site, but the Angry Gardener informs me that it's quite buried and difficult to find.


Good Customer Service

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