Thursday, July 28, 2011

Field Trip!

We went to a car show.

After I left the camera out in the rain.

The sun helped fix it.

Ah, better!

This one reminded me of my '79 Volare.  I loved that rotten car.

Oooh!  Now this would suit me, no?

I liked this one because... had a model AND a drawing of itself inside.

Fake Elvis provided the entertainment.

This is the inside of his car.

Classic pimpmobile.  What a honker.

This is about when I died. 

WANTWANTWANT!!!  (I am a sucker for finny cars.)

Freakin' kids these days.  No damn taste at all.


Red Blogger said...

Oh ... I quite liked the last car !

-karen. said...

'vettes are gay.

Ink said...

Corvettes are for when you're rich and fat and small where it counts.

Broken Barn Industries said...

Karen, I beg to differ. My gay friends wouldn't be caught dead in a Corvette!

-karen. said...

yeah, you're both right.