Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Got a New Pan

Remember how I said I am just like Giada?  I have further proof now.  I went to Target today.  I still have money to burn on those fucking gift cards (we voided the unused ones, had to keep the balance on the partially used ones).  Target does shit to keep you in the store (insert Paco Underhill quote here).  Bite me.  I use the truck entrance and exit, get my one thing and GTFO.  It just so happened that I passed the dish drainers on my way to the pots.  Damn you, Paco.  So, okay, I did get two things.  And I am still like Giada.  Honest.  I'd show you my new dish drainer but it's buried under all the dishes I haven't put away.

In case you thought I was done bragging on myself, I want you to know that I am also just like all those food saver/ spend-$12-year-to-feed-a-family-of-56 people.  See, I got my Giada pot home and using my steady reserve of Mississippi blood that I inherited from my mama, cooked up a big ol' batch of lentil soup in this 876 degree heat.  And that's Fahrenheit, I shit you not.  And I fired up the oven to make cornbread to go with.  Instead of sweet tea, I made myself a Happy Gardener to sip on whilst I SLAVED OVER A HOT STOVE.

That's nine damn meals over the course of two phone calls with two brothers while I prepped, chopped and cooked.  All I didn't do was wear an apron.  Damn.  I'll never be a Mormon money blogger.  Er, Mormon mommy blogger. 


-karen. said...

haha...I just fired up the crock pot yesterday for some veggie beef.
making soup in the summer doesn't make a WHOLE lotta sense, but dammit, that shit tastes GOOD!!

Broken Barn Industries said...

The mister did a crock pot roast on Sunday. I think it does make sense in some weird way. Hot day, hot meal. Love that. I like to graze during the day when it's wicked out then have a late hot dinner.