Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What We Know So Far About Bandit

  1. He remembers stuff if you tell him once, even if you talk to him like a human. That's why he doesn't bark when my mister comes down the stairs and why when I leave my gloves on the heat vent to dry he doesn't bring them to his bed.
  2. He's a food saver. I gave him a pig ear before I left for errands today and he kept some of it hidden under his blanket.
  3. He likes to burrow his head into the snow and come up with a snoutful (gotta get a picture of that).
  4. He gives good dog hugs.
  5. He sneaks onto the couch. That's his only crime so far.
  6. He likes to listen to crows.
  7. He's just awesome.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

See - I saw that list of points and thought you had re-named 'Mister' as 'Bandit'. But wait - then I remembered you had a dog. It must have slipped my mind. We all keep forgetting you have a dog now. NOT. It's all good. Dogs are good. Keep telling us about him. Seriously. A dog is so much better than the TV Programme 'Lost'.