Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know it's Wednesday, and I know I haven't blogged since last Friday, but nothing happens in November.  If something is happening in your November and it's keeping pace with other months, something is wrong.  

Anyway, one thing did happen on Friday.  I went to put Monster out.  There are two buckets filled with rain water on the back deck.  My mister emptied the big rain barrels and put them away for the season but saved some for backyard fires.  As I was hooking Monster to his lead, a movement in one of the buckets caught my eye.  Holy shit, a fish!  Apparently one of our tiny rain barrel koi went out the spout and into a bucket unnoticed.  This fish is less than an inch long so you can imagine how easy it'd be for him to go unnoticed and ultimately freeze to death in the bucket.  Instead, we saved him.

First we had to acclimate him to indoor temperatures.  The following morning, my mister moved him to his winter home with his friends.

The end.


Sid said...

Here it is:126 days till SPRING,then it is off to Savannah for a week of rest and celebration.
Now this is how I look at Winter,so 126+ days is not long looking for that C E L E B R A T I O N ,,,,yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Readerskeeter said...

& I say 126 days can seem like a lifetime depending on what you're doing. Barney seems to have decided to make it an interesting November doing some big game hunting. Expect a six point buck on the deck by the end of the month. The koi, on the otherhand, has had a lifesaving event occur. Without a voice to get your attention he/she seems to have done just that & will now spent his/her winter in the NY equivalent of Palm Beach.

Broken Barn Industries said...

Agreed, Reader! I could do without buck clean up duty but a few grey squirrels would be great.

MizFannie™ said...

So glad the fish did not end up like those icy maple leaves.

You saved it's life.

It owes you now