Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rusty Mojito

So we're growing Chocolate Mint.  You have to be careful with the mints.  They're powerful mojo.  Mints are very aggressive plants, and can take over a bed very quickly.

Fortunately, Broken Barn Flower Farms has many acres of space, and we can easily accomodate plants that would decimate a more restricted gardener's bed.

Chocolate mint has a definite high hint of cacao aroma when crushed, and the leaves sport brown highlights at the veins and edges.

So.   What do with??

Rusty Mojito
1 ripe lime
1 stalk chocolate mint
1 favorite bottle of rum
2 big spoonfuls of dark brown sugar
seltzer (plain, lime or cranberry flavor is okay)

In mason jar, combine juice of 1 lime with two heaping cereal spoons of brown sugar.  Add 6-10 crushed chocolate mint leaves, 2-3 shots of rum, and 4 large ice cubes.  Shake until jar is cold to the touch.  Mint will be macerated by the ice.  Put four fresh ice cubes in heavy tumbler glass, strain mixture over ice to fill 1/2 way.  Add seltzer water to rim, stir and serve.

If you make this right*, it will taste a little like ginger ale, without the ginger.  It will go down so easy, you'll wonder if you remembered to put in the rum.  You might make it again with double rum, just to see if there was some kind of mistake in the recipe.  And you'll find that it still tastes the same.  You have found the black hole of Schrödinger's Rum.  You can now drink as much rum as you want without noticing it at all.  Sounds like magic?  Just don't try standing up!

*Protip: If it tastes strong to your palate, use significantly more sugar.  Don't be afraid.  It won't make the drink taste any sweeter, only smoother.  There is a high sugar saturation point with this mixture, so don't be stingy.  You'll know when it's right.  You have two kinds of spoons, use the big ones.


cottage gardener said...

So this is what you're doing with the chocolate mint!! Next time I visit I want to sample this! You clever girl!....remember...I have to drive!

Broken Barn Industries said...

The Mister is the Mojito Master and they ARE delicious tho I personally prefer the Happy Gardener or a cool gin rickey this time of year.

-karen. said...

I like that you juice the lime, instead of quartering it, squeezing & throwing the rinds in. I also like that you strain it.
Chewing on your drink isn't natural, but so many bartenders leave all the bits in there.
do you like coconut? that would be a good addition.

Broken Barn Industries said...

That sounds awesome, Karen. Good thinkin'!

Ink said...

I like to use a LOT of lime juice, hence the need for more than average amounts of sugar. Also I just like sugar. Which is how I accidentally found the black hole. And yeah, so I strain it, it looks better, mixes better, and the seltzer bubbles have less junk to clink to, so the whole thing stays more bubbly longer. The recipe is remarkably similar to another drink I invented called "Power Sauce". Maybe you've heard of it. Probably not. Anyway, I didn't know about Mojitos back then, and I didn't have my own private live-in gardener growing treats, so I didn't have access to the fresh mint. Now I know: Mojito!!!