Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lost: The Found Lingerie Episode

This post is dedicated to "Anonymous" who wrote that I should not blog about "Lost" and that I should definitely write about Bandit more so that no one forgets that I Have A Dog.
You may have noticed that I didn't blog about Lost last week. Frankly, I was at a loss for words. I still only have a few, and here they are:
Kate got new lingerie.
WTF???????????????????????? Where's trusty old brown bra? Did she hand wash it and it came out looking like a matching set of something akin to the dainties in this photo?
I'll take notes again tonight. It'd better be better.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I saw the 'Lost' title and thought SHIT. Never again will I mention Lost. Then I saw that the blog was dedicated to me. I've never had that happen. I feel unique. I feel special. I'm floating, no wait, I just farted.