Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost: The Beatles Episode

Desmond, Penny, "Get Back!"- yeah, they actually yelled that at one point. Maybe John Lennon is in their time loop, eh?
I'm still cleaning the gunk out of Bandit's ears (he has an infection) and waiting for his trainer's papers to come in the mail. See, he did hard time in a prison training program, and his foster mom Lost the file. Coincidence? I think not. At any rate, his "kill" command is probably in there.
More things we know about him now: he likes pork and barks at deer. He was also pretty quick to figure out that couches and chairs are not the same, so he reckons chairs are okay.
Barney reckons that dog food is a good way to cheat on his diet.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps an old wives tale and I have no idea of the reasoning behind it if it IS true, but they say you should not give a dog pork.