Monday, July 18, 2011



I have ten toes on each foot.  Is it legal for them to charge me double for pedicures?!

But seriously, folks.  I got this pedicure done a while ago.  My nails are starting to grow out and the polish is dulling.  I could just go get another pedicure.  But then I'll need another one before hidden foot season sets in.  I have a different idea.  

Here's the plan:  I'm gonna trim the horns, then put a new coat of my closely matched red polish on them.  Maybe two.  Then I'll add a clear coat and some decoupage followed by a top coat.  That'll put me into at least mid-August.  Then I'll go get a pedicure.  

And check this out:  I go to a beauty school for this stuff because it's cheap frugal and prudent.  If you just want polished removed, it costs $5.  If you spring for a full pedicure it costs $12 and it includes polish removal.  Now here I have italicized "includes polish removal" and you may be thinking that I'm just pointing out some savings or some shit.  No.  I emphasized it because I want you to remember that by the time I go for my second pedi for the season, that "includes polish removal" adds up to about 15 coats between the original pedi and my touch-ups.

PS:  If I actually follow through with this plan, I'll post update pix.  

PSS:  Hey Karen, can I guest post on your other blog?!

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-karen. said...

yes, absolutely!!