Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Took a Picture of a Bee


Then I gave the camera to my mister.

I was SO excited to see my butterfly weed swarming with wild honey bees!  They have been awful scarce due to colony collapse disorder.  We used to have a nice big hive in the catalpa tree but those are long gone.  Here's to hoping they're on the rebound.  We need them.  Badly.


Buzzz Aldrin said...

surveillance measures
are proven ineffective
we are the new bees

oh, the mister knows
allusions i am making
weaponized stingers!

a friend of the barn and the bees said...

They have weaponized things before and they will weaponize things again. These are serious matters, and will have to be dealt with in a serious manner.

The bees are our friends, except when we step on them, and who could blame them. Whoever has the engineer, or any of our other friends, will answer to us and our friends, and this includes the bees.

chances are the engineer will be able to get a message to us soon, and we are certain that it will contain useful information. Useful information, indeed. Yes, sir, usefulllll.