Thursday, September 8, 2011

EDITED: Making phone calls...

Edited to remove the phone numbers of the innocent:

I changed this post.  That poor man at Verizon wireless got an irate phone call from a wired customer.  Then I posted his info here.  I removed it once I realized my mistake.   I did get action, though.  It was from this email that I sent to their investor relations department:

My name is X.  Despite numerous service calls, I haven't had a working land line since 8/24.  Is there anything that Verizon wants to do about this, or shall I cancel my service and get a second cell phone for the house?  I have an AT&T cell phone now.  You guys are very close to losing a customer.  Take a look at my job title.  Lots of people ask me for advice on these matter.  My land line is X.


Title would have been impressive here.  
Removed for my own protection.


Red Blogger said...

At least he didn't tell you to F*?! yourself and F*?! your family ! Umm, he didn't did he ?

Ink said...

Some of them did, in not so many words. I left a LOT of messages on corporate voicemails today.