Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Catching Up On News, Trying to Wrap My Head Around This

I have to say it still really hasn't sunk in how fortunate we were in this storm.  Stuff like this happened frighteningly close to home.  One of the mister's coworkers lost his house.  His entire freakin' house.  All we lost was a tree that needed to be taken down anyway.

We stayed up late to mind the pumps and the generator.  Teri over at Wunsapana Farm stayed up almost all night running into the storm as trees crashed around her to protect her animals.  She made it but lots of other farmers didn't fare so well.  Entire harvests are gone.  

And yet through all of this, people are taking care of each other.  Mr. Rogers (paraphrasing here) said that when he was little and scared about bad things happening in the world, a wise adult reminded him to "look for the helpers".  Whenever anything bad happens, natural or man-made, there they are on the news right in the thick of things, making things right again.


ann said...

We see on the news the awful results of Irene. I just cannot imagine. It's not fair is it? I am glad that your home didn't suffer such extreme damage or loss.

Broken Barn Industries said...

We're glad too, and thank you, Ann.