Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sometimes I Want to Throw Rocks at People

For instance, I would like to throw the "Imagine" rock at a pseudo-hippie Occupy Wall Street person.  It's not about politics or economics.  It's just that some of them annoy me.  Anyway, right after that, I'd pelt said hippie in the head with the LOL rock.  I wish I had a whole bag full of LOL rocks for that matter.  They'd come in handy for SO much!*

Last but not least, I'd like to throw the "Aspire" rock at Oprah.  Now don't make it all about me being an evil person.  You would kinda like to throw it at Oprah too.  Admit it.

*I could throw it at the guy who keeps saying my delivery is going to be another week late.
*I would like to throw it through the car window of that dumb bimbo on the phone tailgating  old people today.
*Newspaper boy- pick that paper UP and put it on the steps, lazy boy.
*Send it to a geologist.
*Your turn.  Who do you wanna pelt with a LOL rock?


Reader Skeeter said...

When I want to throw rocks, I think of rocks with much nastier words than your rocks have. Then I remember the old "glass houses" thing & realize that I can't be throwing any.

cottage gardener said...

COOL! Intelligent pet rocks!