Saturday, December 8, 2007

Delightful Day- And It's Still Early!

Oh hi! Were you wondering where I was yesterday? I bet you weren't- I'm not that important. I'm feelin' like Heloise today because I have a Helpful Hint: Our front walk is slickery. I don't wanna put salt there because of my sleeping beauties (perennials). And cat litter is just gross. But a few minutes ago, I had a lightbulb! Birdseed isn't slickery or bad for plants or gross. So I scattered lots of sunflower seeds out there. I know it won't last long because the birds will eat them, but that's okay cuz I love birds, especially my chickadees, and sunflower seeds are their favorite. So that is my Hint For the Day, kids. Make your sidewalks safe and feed the birds- prolly costs tuppence a day!

PS: That's me in the pic with one of my feathered friends here at the Barn. Well, it's my hand anyway.

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