Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Got My Boots- Woohoo!

Good morning, kids! Yesterday was a banner day at the Barn for several reasons. First of all, my new boots came via FedEx first thing in the morning. I wasn't even dressed yet, but I was so excited that I put them on with my pajamas! So much awesome (see pic).

After that, I shipped a lovely apple pie direct to NYC. Can ya stand it? People in the Big Apple have every food imaginable right at their fingertips, and yet they want OUR pie! This is the first time we've attempted shipping. Our gracious customer agreed to take pix when it arrives so we can make sure it survived intact. I have a good feeling about this and foresee more shipping in the future.
What's everyone up to today? I'm gonna spend the day catching up on things, wrapping goodies, visiting and scoring a bathroom scale- so does anyone out there have one you aren't using? If so, I want it for calculating postage! Think of it as a treasure hunt. Whoever gives me one gets a prize! (And no, the prize will not be a massive $30 pie- sorry. The prize is little, but big fun!)
That's all for now, kids. Take joy, as Tasha Tudor would say. If you don't know who she is, she's so worth a Google!
PS: By the by, that beautiful plant on the table is my Walking Iris. She's supposed to bloom in January or February. Gotta have the flowers! And those are catalpa seed pods in the vase. I'm gonna grow me a tree come springtime :)

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