Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Flowers For All of You! (Well, cyber flowers, anyway)

These are for all of you that clicked on us or sent us on to friends yesterday- thank you! We got over 60 hits and two pie orders- you guys rock!
That arrangement was made entirely from flowers that grow here on the farm- nice, huh? In addition to those, we planted over 150 bulbs this fall and loads of other perennials, so spring is gonna be really exciting! We also got our first seed catalogs this past week. I have my eye on the $150 lady slippers.
I know- it's Christmas time, and I'm getting way ahead of myself, but kids, I love flowers. Besides, we do have 2 Christmas cacti in bloom, plus I plan to get poinsettias and mistletoe soon.
Okay, my coffee's kickin' in. Time to start my day.
Thanks for clicking!
PS: Props to my mister for his mad photo skillz!

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