Tuesday, December 4, 2007

O Happy Tuesday to You, Kids

I wish I could go back in time and blog all the cool stuff that's happened in the two or so years leading up to the actual lauch of Broken Barn Industries, Ink, but I'm still doing the linear time thing, as far as I know. We'll just have to start with the ol' Here and Now.

It's Tuesday, and this is what's happened so far at the Barn (and it's only 8:37 am): I got up first, cranked up the percolator and the woodstove, fed Barn E. Quat and made Misters lunch whilst he showered. It's been snowing, and I'm glad of it because it makes these dark days brighter. I don't have a real plan for the day yet unless someone out there orders a pie.

[Aside to my mister: Oh hay! I just realized our site doesn't say much at all about our pies! Do we need a separate site for merch?? ]

[Aside to the rest of you: Apple pies $30, Pumpkin $20. Outrageous, you say? Nay, kids. Both are deep dish and the apple is MASSIVE. It features 8-9 cups of locally grown apples per pie, plus secret ingredients, plus homemade crust beautifully rendered, if I do say so myself. Don't order if you're allergic to nuts. Ditto for the pumpkin (the nuts, I mean). Pix to follow soon!]

That's all for now, but a big HI to all of our friends who give us a click today, especially those of you who have been really rooting for us!

PS: I really hope my new boots come today- there's snow on the ground. I NEED the boots!

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yay you guys said...

Woo hoo! I'm so glad to see the barn go public. Or is that pubic? I get them mixed up. They look almost the same you know.

Your pie is the shizznit! Did my mother warn me about it once?