Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today's Field Trip

Today we went to Muddyduck Waterfowl Breeding Center. That sounds fancy, yes? It wasn't and I've been to other bird places that aren't either. It probably started with one broken duck. The guy fixed it, thought, "Hey! I'm good at ducks!" and next thing you know, his acreage is filled with netting, kiddie pools, fences and various ducks. We forgot to bring the camera so I can't show you the two most important things we saw. One was a dead fox right outside of a duck's pen. I dunno if he got shot or if the duck killed him, but I do know that I came within inches of stepping on it before I saw it. Skeevy! The other thing is that since this is a non-profit Duck World, the guy has to use whatever he can get his hands on to keep his ducks happy. That included a hot tub, sans heat. He must have scored a free one from craigslist or something. He buried it to the rim and turned it into a little duck pond. Left the faucets and tap on. Surreal Duck World. You can give them money. The have a wood duck house. You put money in the hole. It says your contribution is tax de-duck-tible!

PS: There are ticks at Duck World. I found out cuz we had to pull over so I could fling one off my shirt.

PSS: We also almost got rear-ended pulling into Duck World. Fuck you, tailgating jerk in your stupid pickup truck.

PSSS: This spring, two St. Bernards invaded and killed 170 waterfowl. I did not make that up. Article here. We got the updated story while we were there. Those two dogs got loose again. Animal Control caught them and the owner surrendered them. No more dead ducks- yay!

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