Saturday, June 25, 2011

Funnel Spiders Everywhere!

A few mornings ago, the mister pointed out that we had these funnel-shaped webs all over the place- the lawn, the flower beds- at least ten of them!  They're probably there all the time but not as noticeable as when there are water droplets all over the webs.  

If you click on the picture, you won't be able to see the spider (she was very skittish), but you will be able to get a better look at the funnel-ness of the web itself.  The spider hides in there.  I went a-searchin' on the interwebs and learned that it is actually called a funnel-web spider.  See here if you're an arachnophile.

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Blue Blogger said...

So I checked your blog before I went to bed last night, as I do most nights, and there is a story on ..... spiders ! My one phobia and it ain't just a little phobia. It's as big as they come ! But it's okay. I didn't have nightmares.