Sunday, July 3, 2011


Red Blogger has inspired me to look at advertisements more closely.  She found this little gem:

Yesterday on the way out of the grocery store, I grabbed one of those free weekly newspapers.  Last night, I sat down and thumbed through one of them.  Oh, did I ever happen upon a treasure trove of oddness.  We'll start with this one:

Hmm, okay, not that unusual.  This is America, after all.  But then we saw this:

Wait what?  We could have been going to the rodeo EVERY weekend and didn't know?!  At this point, you may be wondering what sort of place we live.  So are we, my friends, so are we.  But there were some normal ads:  

Roofing material?  Check.  Cattle food?  Check.  Totally normal.  I swear we're not that rural.  We do have those quaint little craft shops though: 

Umm, wait.  They aren't selling little wooden goose cutouts.  Okay, here's an ad for blankets.  How odd can blankets be, right?

This is quite possibly the creepiest blanket I've ever seen.  I just... well, shit.  I'm not gonna even say.  Just no.  Then there is this:

I have no way of knowing if this is a good doctor.  Fortunately, this weekly paper happens to have an incredible advice columnist:

God!  God writes for their paper!  Now we know what He's been up to.  If you feel your prayers have gone unheard, perhaps it is because you've been using the wrong approach.  Here you go:

God's got an email address.  Yahoo, no less.  I guess I kinda figured him for a gmail type.  Shows what I know.  

PS:  The oddest ad in this paper is so odd that we haven't decided whether to include it yet.  

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Mappy said...

Oh come on, tenterhooks are painful! Post it!