Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene, I Will Not Miss You

We're watching the Weather Channel and it looks like the worst of it is over.  The creek is still overflowing the road a little but it's still passable out there.  We haven't even heard any sirens though when I was on the phone with Teller, she said the nearest city has declared a state of emergency due to downed limbs and wires.  I really hope our power doesn't go out because even though we have the generator, we're not high priority as far as restoring service so it could conceivably be out for days. 

Regardless, as of right now we're feeling tired but very fortunate.  Irene hasn't been as bad for anyone as it potentially could have been but our thoughts are definitely with people who are having a harder time.  More to follow.  I reckon I'll be able to get back to the other computer soon so I'll be able to post more pictures.

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