Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Pix From Earlier Today

Lots of help- and fast!

After they cut it with chainsaws, they used a bulldozer to push it out of the road- into the neighbor's field!

Here's what's left of it.  They used the 'dozer to push this end back upright.

Scary fast creek action.
The view from the kitchen window.  Water all over the roads.

Small river running parallel to the back of the yard.  My fort got flooded!

The creek again.  It's normally dry this time of year.  The bottom is about 5 feet below the edge of the bank.  We've only ever seen it as high as the edge of the yard once before.

The mister brought the camera out.  This is the last shot he was able to take of the creek before the camera started getting wet.  The last picture he took was one of himself in the mirror blow-drying the camera after he came in.

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