Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tree Guy

This is Charlie.  A few years ago, he and his crew took down two dead elms for us.  They were fast, clean, amazing.  Plus Charlie is from Long Island originally so I get to enjoy his accent.  Charlie's crew is coming back today.  

Remember this booger-nosed jackass who wanted $350 to take down my little dead birch?  Well I got me a tree guy, you "certified arborist".  For $250, my tree guy is going to take out the birch, a sickly Austrian pine, AND an ash tree in back that's on its way out.  They will also cut it to woodstove lengths for us.  We pay around $250 for a cord of wood when we don't have our own.  Will Charlie be gettin' a tip?  You betcha.

(I am nervous about my flower beds this time, but Charlie said, "Pfft!  You won't even know we were here, honey.") 


Sid said...

I have a tree guy. He is mexican and he does a great job, and is very cheap, I love my little, Memo.

Red Blogger said...

Timberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!