Friday, September 2, 2011

Do You Feel Neglected?

From this...

to this in only two hours!
I'm sorry.  I've been too busy to post and probably will continue to be for the next three weeks.  But I miss having the time so I will try to keep up!  Anyway, this is our walking iris.  It only blooms once a year and each bloom only lasts one day.  They open so quickly in the morning that it's like watching a time lapse.  So that's what I did from 6 to 8am this morning- just sat with my coffee and camera and notebook and watched it open up.  'Twas a lovely way to start the day (and it smells nice too).


cottage gardener said...

Oh, that is so cool!

Broken Barn Industries said...

CG, I have extras so if you want one for the house, give a holler. The weight of the bloom forces the leaf down. Outside, it'd touch the ground/ new soil, and from that it roots and starts a new baby plant- hence "walking" iris. I just put a pot with new soil nearby and use hairpins to attach the new one to a home base.